How is Virtual Reality Assisting Charity

Virtual reality immerses us into worlds vastly different from our own. In the process, it can help us understand other places and each other better than ever before. VR videos have an amazing power to communicate personal experiences and, steadily, charities are increasing their use of the emerging technology to drive engagement and donation campaigns. [...]

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The Importance of Civic Engagement for Students in the Digital Age

Civic engagement is the key to a functioning democracy. As we acclimate to a digital climate, we’ll have to find more efficient ways to safeguard democratic processes, especially as even some of the biggest tech conglomerates in the world have problems with privacy breaches, disinformation and political bias.  Why and how is civic engagement for [...]

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Students and New Talent Help Cities Stay Competitive

Thriving cities all have one thing in common: a skilled workforce. The world’s most competitive cities invest in human capital, both for working age employees as well as for students. Nurturing talent to create a growing and diverse workforce provides a valuable edge to competitive cities. Most cities already know this, and yet all but [...]

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The Benefits of Big Data for Millennial Entrepreneurs

Millennials are shaping the modern workforce. They are increasingly starting their own businesses and doing it much earlier than previous generations.  As a generation that has driven the use of big data through e-commerce, apps, and social media, it’s only appropriate that these younger entrepreneurs should champion its use within their businesses, as well. Especially [...]

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Best New Work Collaboration Tools

With so many innovative tech tools on the market in recent years, it’s almost hard to keep up with how they transform our daily work and environments. Millennials and Gen Z, especially, rely on emerging technologies to meet the needs of today’s workforce, communicating with coworkers and clients to adjust for trends like remote work [...]

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Major Startups Redefining NYC’s Startup Scene

New York City might not be the city with the most startups in the world, but it’s one of the best markets for innovation and entrepreneurship in the world. In 2015, Startup Genome ranked NYC as the fifth largest startup ecosystem across the globe. There are so many exciting entrepreneurial opportunities and activities in NYC. [...]

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3 Smart Ways to Use Fundraising Tech

Fundraising tech is making it increasingly easier to give back. Whether you’re raising money for a local sports team or your nonprofit charity, raising money is crucial to your goals and success. Today, the Internet has helped anyone raise money with newer, tech-based methods along with traditional in-person strategies. However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed [...]

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The Strengths and Weaknesses of 4 Distinct Leadership Strategies

As times change, so do the requirements for strong leadership. In The Strengths and Weaknesses of 4 Distinct Leadership Strategies, recently published by Entrepreneur, I discussed the changes that entrepreneurs should make to adapt to the digital era, and listed the strengths and weaknesses of four relevant leadership strategies so that leaders can discern which [...]

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Simple Tools to Boost your Time and Productivity at Work

The office space is an incredibly distracting place. It doesn’t help that emerging tools are constantly disrupting the way we work. However, these same tools can be harnessed to increase our productivity if we know how to use them in tandem with various learning mindsets. Within my article in Entrepreneur, I suggest four business practices [...]

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Insights on 9 Tips for Starting Your Business in College

College is a helpful gateway into the realm of entrepreneurship. Although not everyone needs to attend college to succeed late at their own businesses, it can act as a definitive resource to guide you through your career journey. In 9 Tips for Starting Your Business in College, published last year on Entrepreneur, I offered some [...]

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