Jake Croman
Jake Croman

About Jake Croman

Jake Croman is an entrepreneur and college student at the University of Michigan —  Ann Arbor. Majoring in American Culture in the College of Literature with a focus on Jewish studies during World War II, Jake understands the significance of ethical leadership and diversity in today’s media landscape and how it shapes innovation and success for future generations.


The university’s premier academic program also allows Jake to explore his intellectual passion for music within the larger framework of American culture. While still in high school, Jake Croman combined his interest in music with his entrepreneurial spirit motivated him to break into the music industry as a teenager. Identifying the need for a market in New York City to connect mid-range music and entertainment artists with talent agencies and bookers at local music venues, he took the initiative to work as an independent agent on commission. Jake’s experience and work ethic have led him to harness valuable negotiation skills, fundraising strategies, and strategic networking through the rewarding goal of helping emerging artists gain exposure.

As a budding entrepreneur, Jake Croman has contributed his advice and thoughtful insights on business topics on major online publications like Entrepreneur, VentureBeat, SCORE.org, the latter of which provides engaging advice and guidance for small business owners in the NYC area. Taking a note from his own book, Jake believes that college is the best time to start a business with so many resources and opportunities at one’s disposal. He seeks to offer valuable expertise for young college entrepreneurs on how to start and grow their enterprises.

Outside of Work

In addition, Jake’s networking and fundraising expertise allowed him to extend his knowledge for fundraising efforts on behalf of charitable organizations. As a member of the University of Michigan’s Upsilon Chapter of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, Jake led the organization’s fundraising campaign to support St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

As the co-founder of the Eddie Croman Fund, Jake Croman’s insight helped to establish a nonprofit that supports the medical expenses of underserved families with sick or disabled dogs and pets. Continuing his involvement with the charity — a subsidiary of the larger nonprofit organization Frankie’s Friends — Jake empathizes with the strong bond between pet and its owner.

Jake’s interest in writing and examining trends in Millennial work habits and technology are tools he hopes to leverage in his future business concepts. In his spare time, Jake enjoys spending time with his family and friends, while also maintaining a deep spiritual background passed down through his family. Since his youth, he remains an active member of the Jewish community and the NYC Chabad.