With so many innovative tech tools on the market in recent years, it’s almost hard to keep up with how they transform our daily work and environments. Millennials and Gen Z, especially, rely on emerging technologies to meet the needs of today’s workforce, communicating with coworkers and clients to adjust for trends like remote work and freelance collaboration.

Here are some exciting new collaboration tools that today’s workers can use to further their strategic and creative solutions in business:


Want to organize your thoughts and projects in a visual way? Milanote is a great app that lets creators take their ideas and post them to visual boards. The interface is designed for the early stages of creation; to map out ideas, project briefs and planning the next steps of your project before moving on to project management tools. With a drag and drop interface, users can work on projects side by side in Milanote’s infinite virtual pinboard. Notes, links, images and files are easily accessible through the tool. Additionally, you’ll find a library of different templates which makes it easier to start new projects when you’re in speed mode. So, you’ll have project briefs, visual roadmaps and user journey tools to help you along the way. Plus, you can collaborate on projects with other users in real-time. It’s the perfect software for a brainstorming sesh.


You may have heard about Monday while listening to Spotify ads not so long ago. Monday is a great collaboration and task management tool which offers highly customized interface like a spreadsheet. It features numerous interactive and visually appealing organizational tools which can help you improve efficiency for your most mundane or complex projects.


Asana is a simple but intuitive tool which will help aid in your most thankless tasks. The layout is very similar to Trello as the interface uses kanban-style cards to visually organize your projects. The lightweight tool is clean and cohesive, allowing users to learn Asana in a very straightforward, easy way. It’s actually a great choice to integrate into an office with an a mixed to older workforce; people who haven’t grown up with technology and find learning collaborative tech more difficult. It’s also a great tool for small work teams who need to work closely on projects but who don’t need a ton of supervision on projects or resource management functions.

Each tool comes with its own subscription, but once you decide how and where you want to work, entrepreneurs can make the best use of their professional time, including that of their work team.